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Bet-at-home Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022)

Bet-at-home is a European online gambling and betting company that offers customers the best betting experience. They currently offer nearly 350,000 events from over 75 different sports every day. You can access the platform in over 13 languages from various countries around the world.


Nicole Sommer
Last updated: Tuesday, 03.October 2023
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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Bet-at-home has been a leading provider of sports betting services since 1999. They have seen significant growth over the years, and now provide services in casinos, gambling, and poker. Their betting volume ranges from $700 million to $900 million per quarter.


Bet-at-home was founded by Jochen Dickinger and Franz Omer in 1999. After a year, the brand went online with a primary focus on online sports betting. Right after the launch of Bet-at-home, Live was launched which led Bet-at-home to restart its website again. Thus, the website got its first major makeover in 2002. The company had gained enough momentum in five years and thus was listed on the stock exchange in 2004. In subsequent years, the online casino and poker were introduced in 2005 and 2006 respectively.
With over 4.3 million active customers, Betfair is one of the biggest betting platforms in Europe. They started from Austria and within a few years, they extended their operations to other countries such as Germany, Malta and Gibraltar.

Why should you stream on Bet-at-home?

With Bet-at-home, you will have an abundance of live streaming content made available in an easy to use live betting console. Sure, these streams do not offer video playback but they offer comprehensive coverage of every second. Not just that, you can view the streams in the following ways: Classic, Combi and Calendar. You can get an idea about the probability by checking the odds which you will find on the same screen.

Customer Service

I enjoy the customer service that Bet-at-home offers. There are numerous ways to connect with the customer service, including email, live chat, and phone call. What I particularly like about this website is that it's not just about the options; the customer service is excellent. Most gambling or technical websites fail to respond to customers' queries on time, but Bet-at-home is different. They offer excellent customer support in 13 different languages. Not only can you browse the website in different languages such as English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish, but you can even speak these languages directly to a customer service representative!

Different betting options

Different types of bets are available on this website. You can choose between a combo bet, a system bet, or a multi-bet. All of these options have different features that help you increase your chances of winning. Let's discuss the different offers available on the website.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Bet-at-home does not provide a secure deposit and withdrawal method, which is likely to result in mistrust of the website. According to my experience, the Bet-at-home deposit and withdrawal methods are smooth. You can opt for quick deposits; however, every transaction carries a cost. You will need to pay processing fees and a certain amount on withdrawal, unlike UniBet where it is free.

Cash-Out Options

Bet-at-home offers cash-out options for sports and live betting offers, but I consider this to be a positive as it can only get better. A lot of bettors have pointed out that their cash-out option is not the most effective and still needs development.


The website's first appearance might easily rub you the wrong way. It's nowhere near as attractive as Betway or Bet365, but nonetheless, it is straightforward and well organized. The first look would make you feel as if you are browsing through a default BlogSpot website because of its static wallpapers and center-aligned interface. I do want to praise the efforts the company is taking in improving the website, which earlier was quite horrendous.


Upon visiting the homepage, the logo is the first thing you'll see followed by five different options: Sports, Live Betting, Esports, Casino, and Virtual. On the right hand side you'll find the promotions option. Above that there's a ?Register now? CTA with a green background. Multi-click pages are one of the best features on this website, so you can stay on a single page thereby making the browsing experience seamless.

Hero Section

The Hero Section of this website has sections that are similar to Bet365, but it looks much more organized and easier to understand than the homepages of those companies. There are three sections- the left, right, and center. Towards the left, you will find different payment options along with a list of winners. At the center, you will find News, Live Betting and Highlights. On the right, you will find promotions. Thus, everything is organized very well.


Continuing on from what you saw in the hero section of the website, there are two sections: the deposit and winner section. Neither of these extend to the body section. Under promotions, you'll find different sports such as Virtual Dog Racing and Virtual Horse Classics. At the center, the highlights option continues and you can access anything you want.


The footer at Bet-at-home is designed in a compact way with all the options listed horizontally. You will find options such as Home, Imprint, General Terms & Conditions, About, Investor Relations, Responsible Gambling, Privacy Policy, RTP values, Careers, Help, Affiliate, and Mobile here.

Inner Pages

I appreciate the design of the inner pages of the website. You will find a list of sports on the left, followed by news, live betting and highlights at the center. On the right, you will find Bet Slip and My Bets options. I like how the sections of the left are well-defined with options such as Player?s guide, results, statistics, live scores and betting guide. You also get a search bar at the top and can also browse the top winners using the drop-down menu at the bottom.


Betting is available on a variety of sports on the platform. There are nearly 7000 stakes available in sports alone. Football is the major attraction, with many other sports such as basketball, tennis, handball, ice hockey, volleyball, winter sports, counter-strike and darts also available.

Live Casino

Bet-at-home is an esteemed brand for its Live Casino betting services that were introduced in 2005. With a real casino, you get the exciting casino-like atmosphere right in your home. You can win great prizes by playing popular games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many others.


If you are into casinos, you can get a bonus of up to 1000. Whether you are betting 200 or 500, when you purchase chips for the first time, you will either get double or you will get 50% additional credit. Consider this to be the sign-up bonus which most of the bettors are quite interested in.


Poker at Bet-at-homes offers a variety of games such as Omaha High, Omaha Hi/Lo, Texas Hold?em, Six Plus Hold?em, and Speed Poker. If you want to start your poker career on a high note, Bet-at-homes has a way for you to do it by providing a ?1500 poker bonus.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I am confident that your first experience on the website will not be a wholesome one, especially if you are used to the modern website templates. Bet-at-home follows a traditional section layout that looks old. However, the user interface and the overall browsing experience is more than just satisfactory. Menus and options are laid out very well and navigating across the website are fairly simple.
I streamed Bet-at-home using the website and the mobile website. I had a good experience; I wasn't disappointed and wasn't thrilled either. In summary, it gets the basic stuff right, which is what we expect from a betting portal.

Plans & Pricing

To become a member of Bet-at-home, you will not be required to pay any fee at sign-up. In addition, Bet-at-home offers a sign-up bonus to new members. However, there are regularly associated fees and charges that must be paid by members.

Suggestions I have for Bet-at-home

Bet-at-home is a great website, but it is not as cutting edge as some of the other websites out there. The developers should work on website design and expand their reach in different parts of the world.


The betting world is synonymous with Bet-at-home. Primarily because of the intriguing sponsorships and marketing efforts. If you are an avid follower of German or Austrian football, you would realize that Bet-at-home sponsors FC Schalke, Hertha Berlin, SV Ried, and Austria Wien.
Bet-at-home?s branding is simple in contrast to its lucrative partnerships. Their user-friendly website is known for offering an amazing user interface and functionality. Thus, they focus on functions and features instead of flashy designs.
Nicole Sommer
Nicole Sommer is a true soccer fan and loyal supporter of FC Arsenal and 1.FC Köln. She plays actively her self as central forward in the women's aquad of TuS Köln in Germany. In her spare time she spends a lot of time online including researching the soccer streaming space. Her research has been published in several online soccer magazines.
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