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Chia-Anime Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022) is a free online anime streaming service that has a long history of popularity in the anime community. You can watch and even download episodes of some legendary shows, such as Naruto, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and Bleach on this site.


Nicole Sommer
Last updated: Saturday, 09.December 2023
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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When it comes to streaming services and particularly ones that focus on anime, there are not premium ones that allow you to watch all the trending and the classic content on a single network. Here's where free anime streaming sites gain an advantage over the premium ones. One particular website that we're going to review today is called ?Chia-Anime.?

What is Chia-Anime?

Chia-Anime is a free anime streaming platform that provides users with links to episodes of their desired series. Chia-Anime also aggregates content from across the web, providing users with multiple links for each episode. This helps the users to stream if one or more links become unavailable.
Chia-Anime has been in the free streaming space for a long time. Many people who want to watch anime without spending any money love this platform. Sure, there are numerous advertisements across the website, but most users don't mind them as they don't have to pay for the content. This is kind of a downside as you have to be alert as a user. When there are ads on a website, you have to make sure that you don't fall for click baits or scams which the website has no control over.

Why should you stream on Chia-Anime?

Many people love this website for its complete seasons of the best anime series as well as its eye-catching design and user-interface. The content is properly organized and followed by a sync feature across numerous devices, making Chia-Anime an interesting proposition which is hard to turn down. Let's dive deep and learn about various aspects that make Chia-Anime so great.

Download feature

The first point had to be that Chia-Anime provides downloading options. While the majority of the streaming websites purely focus on streaming, Chia-Anime goes a step ahead by providing users with downloading options. This is great for users who don't have a stable internet connection or who can't watch the content at that particular time frame because they are busy. It's also great for commuters who like to watch anime while they are on their way to work or for people who can't afford to pay for go service because their internet is unstable.

Soundtrack add-on

Chia-Anime is one of the few streaming websites that allows users to download soundtracks. Anime series are filled with iconic tracks and scores, which is obvious for anime lovers who want to have these tunes in their devices or set them as ringtones. While there's no denying that most tunes on YouTube might not be as good quality as the ones available on Chia-Anime, they can't actually carry the same quality as those found on the website itself.

Massive Content Library

With 1000+ anime series and cartoons to choose from, you can access a large catalog with plenty of content that you can binge-watch for years. Aside from the normal series, you can also find dramas and movies titles on this network. The most fascinating part about the website is the manga list. If you're not interested in watching anime, you can download manga and read them online.

User interaction

Once you become a part of the platform, you can interact with fellow streamers through comments. Each anime episode has a comment section under the video player. Using the section, you can drop your opinion about a particular episode. Additionally, if you experience streaming issues, using the comment section will help you troubleshoot them.

Decent interface

I appreciate the developer's dedication to making the user experience on an anime streaming website excellent. They have taken care to place only unobtrusive ads, and have also selected banners that can aid in a positive streaming experience.

How to access Chia-Anime?

com. There are various ways by which you can access Chia-Anime. I am only going to share a few of them with you here. The first way is to search for the term 'Chia-Anime' once you type it into your browser, and you'll likely find the website on the first page of results. Another way to access the website is by using this link:
Before you access the website, make sure that your computer has an active VPN connection to protect you from hackers.


The menu on the left is hard to navigate and crammed with links. And the font used in the headings is way too small. Despite having numerous advertisements on the website, none of them are intrusive. I appreciate the ad placement on this website, as it keeps things tasteful and purposeful. Personally, I may or may not like the website based upon my perspective; however, there are many interesting and engaging elements to be found throughout its pages. First of all, there are vertical banners on either side that are not responsive - an inconvenience for those using mobile devices. However, this is not the only flaw with the website; let us delve deep and understand the different sections on it. The menu on the left is difficult to navigate due to its cramped layout and numerous links, while the font used in headings is quite small.


The header section has a logo on the left, four options - Home, Popular, New Anime, and Recent Episode in the center and a search bar towards the right. The secondary header has four options -: Anime List?, Manga List?, Anime Movies?, and Anime Mobile?. If you want to access any specific form of content, you can click on the available options.

Hero Section

The suggestion that the hero section is cluttered would be an understatement. There are numerous banners and advertisements throughout the section, both on the header and on either side. In fact, there are even play store links underneath the header! And to make matters worse, there are dozens of ads for online games located to the left side of the content. It's fair to say that this is not a particularly helpful section for finding anime. The first sign of content is when you see characters displayed in alphabetical order.


The body section of the website has a cluttered approach with five small thumbnails in each row and the title and upload time. Under this section, you will find two banner ads. Even in the body section, you will find the skyscraper ads on either side which is not pleasing at all. Again, none of these adverts are actually intrusive so blaming the developers won't be right either.


The footer section of this website contains five different columns, each with its own set of navigation options. In the Feature column, you will find information about the website's features, such as its directory list and movies. Under the Popular column, you will find popular content from the website, such as soundtracks and manga. The Hot column displays content that is currently being highlighted by the website's users, such as anime and Asian drama. The Support column provides information about how to contact the website's staff or find help for specific issues. Finally, in the Chia-Anime column you'll find information about chia-anime, an online phenomenon that has recently become popular on this website.

Inner Pages

The website's inner pages can be accessed by clicking on any option on the homepage. The inner pages are equally cluttered as the homepage and have the same framework, except for the video player at the center. What's funny is that this page actually has more ads than the homepage, but none of the ads are intrusive.


The wide variety of genres available on this website can be understood by the sheer volume of content. There are over 7,000 different anime titles to choose from, as well as manga. With such a vast selection, you can find whatever you're looking for in terms of genres. This platform offers a variety of materials including ?Adventure?, ?Comedy?, ?Drama?, ?Erotica?, ?Fantasy?, ?Horror?, ?Mystery?, ?Psychological?., ?Science?., and more.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed Chia-Anime on my Asus Vivobook 14 and had a great time. I watched Episodes 21-30 of Death Note on this network without any streaming issues. There were negligible pop-ups here and there but they didn't redirect me as I was able to cancel them easily. Having said that, the amount of ads on the website is bizarre, It's just too much to handle especially if you're streaming from your phone. I tried streaming the website from my Pixel 3 but gave up within a few minutes and resorted to streaming on the laptop.

Suggestions I have for Chia-Anime

Consider reducing the number of ads that appear on the website. They are not intrusive and do not pop-up, but the mere presence of so many banners can be enough for users to bounce off.


Chia-Anime is a good streaming platform if one is accustomed to dealing with ads. There are numerous adverts on all pages and, as such, one must be cautious when streaming. Other than that, the website has a simple interface and great content depth. So I would recommend streaming on this website even though it is cluttered. Why? Because the end result is worth it.
Nicole Sommer
Nicole Sommer is a true soccer fan and loyal supporter of FC Arsenal and 1.FC Köln. She plays actively her self as central forward in the women's aquad of TuS Köln in Germany. In her spare time she spends a lot of time online including researching the soccer streaming space. Her research has been published in several online soccer magazines.
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Chia-Anime Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022). is a free online anime streaming service that has a long history of popularity in the anime community. You can watch and even download episodes of some legendary shows, such as Naruto, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and Bleach on this site.

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