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CONtv Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022)

CONtv is easily one of the best free TV and movie streaming sites on the web. Offering hundreds of hours of free TV series and movies (including original programming, live TV streaming, and classic action, sci fi, horror, and fantasy titles), CONtv is a must-see streaming site for any fan of Comic-Con. Interested in learning more about this free TV streaming site? Come check out my comprehensive review today!


Nicole Sommer
Last updated: Tuesday, 03.October 2023
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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There are numerous comic book conventions that take place all the time, throughout the world, but none come close to rivaling the popularity, size, and awesomeness of San Diego's annual Comic-Con. This international comic book convention has, over the last 50+ years grown to transcend your typical nonprofit convention. San Diego Comic-Con has taken on a life of its own. In fact, it would not be too far off to say that this particular comic book convention has inspired its own subculture of comic book and multi-genre entertainment super fans.
Even if you have never been to Comic-Con, I am willing to bet that you can close your eyes and conjure up an image of what Comic-Con looks like.
Comic-Con has come a long way since its inception in 1970, when it was originally founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention by an all-star group of comic book lovers from San Diego. Over the years, it has evolved into a four-day event (typically from Thursday to Sunday) in the summer (July) at the San Diego Convention Center.
Comic-Con, however, is not the only convention that has been founded by this same organization. Comic-Con International also puts on the annual Wonder-Con (held in Anaheim), as well as SAM: Storytelling Across Media, which launched in 2016 and is now held annually (as of 2018) at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego. As you can see, the people behind Comic-Con International keep themselves quite busy.
This is especially true when you add a free streaming site, such as CON TV, to the mix. Offering hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment, TV series, movies, documentaries, and even several live TV channels available to stream for free, CON TV offers so much more than your average streaming site.
CON TV viewers have access to a variety of classics and new series created specifically for the network. Along with exclusive footage from Comic-Con, this provides viewers with a great way to enjoy the convention or connect with it in cases where it's not possible to attend in person.
CON TV is technically a free streaming site, but it operates on a freemium model. So, anybody can enjoy much of CON TV's awesome and unique content without even needing to log in; however, to take advantage of everything that CON TV has to offer, you will need to subscribe as a premium user and pay a monthly fee. Premium CONTV members enjoy access to all of the site's movies and TV shows, as well as an ad-free experience. For serious fans of comic book culture, sci fi, horror, and action, this might just be the premium TV and movie streaming site that you have been waiting for. What's great about it either way is that you can get a feel for it without having to pay--the base level version of the site is free for everyone.
There are many free TV streaming sites available today ? is CON TV worth your time and attention, or should you simply overlook it? Well, ultimately, that decision will be yours. I am here, though, to walk you through CON TV objectively and comprehensively explain the content, user experience, and overall quality of this free TV streaming site - this way, you don’t have to waste a minute of your time.
So, should CON TV really be on the list of the best free TV streaming sites? Let's take a closer look and figure that out once and for all, shall we?


Although Comic-Con has been taking place annually since 1970, CON TV didn't launch until much more recently. In fact, the streaming site went live in March of 2015, and is a joint venture between Wizard World and Cinedigm. It was a great success almost immediately.
CON TV today has 3 live channels: Bambu TV (offering Chinese movies and TV), Anime TV (that's pretty self-explanatory, I think), and the flagship Live TV.
After only 6 years in operation, CON TV has become an easily high-quality free TV streaming site available on the internet. One look at the home page will tell you this. The site design and user experience are top-notch, with an emphasis on providing an enjoyable experience for viewers.


The design of CON TV is unlike any other streaming site I've visited. Almost every site offers a variation on the classic Netflix layout - movies and TV shows separated by category, with a side scrolling menu? CON TV is designed more like a comic book, with each page featuring a different character and some accompanying text.
When you scroll down, you are scrolling through the title and its accompanying images. This is true both in the colorful and somewhat disorienting (but still orderly) layout of the site. But it is also true when you look at how the site asserts itself in pages (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say slides). Instead of scrolling down a static page, in other words, CON TV allows you to click through, up and down, from one slide to the next. Each click of the arrow brings you into a whole new world, in a sense.
Along with this featured show or movie, you will find a more familiar side-scroll of related content. Click the ?down? arrow in order to have everything - the background, theme, and browsable library - change to accommodate the next featured show or movie. I haven't seen a more dynamic, responsive, or downright fun free TV streaming site design before.
Although the site's design is somewhat cluttered and confusing at first, it is not less intuitive or user-friendly. Although I don't normally like a cluttered site design, I think that it works in this case - partially, like I said, because user experience is not hindered by it at all? but also because it fits the content. Comic books are somewhat chaotic and all over the place. Site design borders the realm of art when it mirrors or echoes the content it delivers.

Content and Features

There is a lot of content here. The majority of what you can find on CON TV will fall into the genres of action, anime, animation, fantasy, horror, martial arts, sci fi, or video games. But you will also find plenty of behind-the-scenes series dealing directly with Comic-Con, as well as classic films and TV series (not to mention quite a few original series too).

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The Con TV streaming service is one of the most widely available and popular free TV and movie streaming services currently available on the market. It offers excellent desktop and app experiences, as well as compatibility with many different platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, and most Smart TVs.

Pricings and Plans

Although there are many great benefits to becoming a VIP member of CON TV, some fans may find the extra money worth spending in order to have an uninterrupted experience and avoid ads. For just $4.99/month, VIP members can gain full access to all of the site's features.
Nicole Sommer
Nicole Sommer is a true soccer fan and loyal supporter of FC Arsenal and 1.FC Köln. She plays actively her self as central forward in the women's aquad of TuS Köln in Germany. In her spare time she spends a lot of time online including researching the soccer streaming space. Her research has been published in several online soccer magazines.
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CONtv Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022).

CONtv is easily one of the best free TV and movie streaming sites on the web. Offering hundreds of hours of free TV series and movies (including original programming, live TV streaming, and classic action, sci fi, horror, and fantasy titles), CONtv is a must-see streaming site for any fan of Comic-Con. Interested in learning more about this free TV streaming site? Come check out my comprehensive review today!

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