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DisneyNOW Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022) is, according to many people, the best free cartoon streaming site of all time. I think that I am beginning to agree with this assessment. With plenty of free cartoons and live action kids? series, both classic and contemporary alike, Disney Now is perfect for kids of all ages (from ages 1 to 101). Come and read my review of Disney Now today to find out whether this is the best free cartoon streaming site for you!


Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Thursday, 07.July 2022 — 3min read

Whether you are, yourself, a kid at heart, or you need shows full of heart for your kids, it is a very wise decision to find the best free cartoon streaming sites. I might get a few dirty looks from the parenting police for saying this, but at the end of a hard day of work when your children are in hyperactive mode and all that you want is 20 minutes of peace, the TV can be your best friend. Just throw on their favorite cartoons and, like magic, you have a moment to breathe. To each his own, I suppose. One person might say that I'm lazy for using the TV as a babysitter; to me, that's called being resourceful. I'm not sitting my kids in front of the TV all day long, and they're not glued to their screens the whole time; I'm using streaming sites so they can watch cartoons while I do something else. It's not like I'm depriving them of anything.

Disney is a streaming service that is known for providing high-quality content for children. It can be hard to find a good streaming service for kids, but Disney is one of the best options available. Today, we are going to take a look at Disney and see if it is the right choice for you and your family.

Disney Now is a great free streaming site that is probably the best available. There are many good free streaming sites out there, but Disney's products are superior. If you want the best free streaming site, Disney Now is the one to choose.

Then again, some people prefer Netflix while others are strictly Hulu families. This is because there are different sensibilities among people, and this comes out in their streaming preferences. Then, consider the vastly different opinions that people have about what kind of content they want to allow their kids to watch. That is a whole different order of magnitude.

Some parents feel that their children should never watch a Disney production, although there is no denying that Disney shows and movies are, more or less, an acceptable form of entertainment. Some points to be made about the education value of many Disney TV shows include the fact that they teach children about different cultures and holidays, as well as basic concepts such as good manners and tolerance.

I believe there are better educational Kids? content out there (I know this to be true). But you did not come to read a review of Disney Now expecting to learn about how much incredibly intellectually stimulating and educational content the free cartoon streaming site has to offer. You know what Disney is; moreover, what the Disney Channels are like. Disney Now merely combines the content of the Disney Channel, Disney Jr., and Disney XD into one convenient site and app (while there used to exist 3 separate entities, 1 for each channel).

Although Disney Now offers a large selection of free cartoons and series to stream, the site presents a freemium model in which a significant portion of the titles are locked. In order to view them, you must log in with your cable provider. If you do not have a cable provider, you will be limited to the free cartoons that are not restricted. Don't worry though, there is an impressive number nonetheless.

At any rate, Disney Now remains an excellent free cartoon streaming site for those looking for something fun to watch. Is this the site you have wished upon a star for? Well, only time will tell if Disney Now is truly the best free cartoon streaming site out there. Let's take a closer look at what this service has to offer and see if it is right for you and your family.


In June of 2012, Disney launched three separate television Everywhere services - Watch Disney Junior, Watch Disney Channel, and Watch Disney XD. This came as part of a new agreement with Comcast Xfinity, which included digital rights to the programming broadcast on Disney's cable channels through authenticated streaming. In 2017, Disney announced that it would be combining all its children's television streaming vehicles into a singular, much larger platform: Disney Now. All 3 services - Disney Junior, Channel, and XD were combined into a unified library and streaming service: Disney Now. In addition to on-demand and live TV and radio streaming, Disney Now also features exclusive games that are based on programs, parental controls (lock the site to Disney Junior only if you wish), and a profile system so each child has his or her own favorites list, permissions, and viewing history.

Disney Plus, which launched in 2019, gradually removed content from its service in order to encourage parents to subscribe to Disney Plus. Today though, the service still has a fairly robust catalog of series and cartoons to stream.


In classic Disney fashion, every aspect of DisneyNow is top-notch and full of wow. The site's design is a great example. There is no question about it, Disney Now presents the best free cartoon user interface of all time. Easily. The site is interactive, fun, bright, engaging, and easy to use. I have never seen a site quite like it, let alone a free streaming site. The general layout of the site is typically found on a streaming website. You will find a site menu at the very top of the page, a giant banner just below it which automatically cycles featured series and episodes of favorite shows, and then a descending series of menus separated by category, organized into rows. Browse by your favorites, continue watching, what?s trending, what?s new, and various themes, series, and characters.

What really makes this site?s design stand out is its responsive and interactive nature. When you hover your cursor over a thumbnail, for instance, it rapidly jumps up off the page (ever so slightly). When you click on an icon in the site menu bar, it animates and makes a cheerful ding sound along with your click. Everything about this site is fun and easy to use, which parents will love just as much as their kids do.

Content and Features

As I mentioned earlier, Disney Now offers a variety of features that set it apart from other free cartoon streaming sites. These features include parental locks to keep kids from watching certain channels, a profile system so each child can have their own unique experience, the ability to add episodes to favorites lists, and tons of fun games that correspond with the free cartoons. The result is a nearly comprehensive multimedia experience that no other free cartoon streaming site comes close to matching. Other sites may have certain features more prominently than others, but none come close to matching the breadth and depth of what Disney Now has to offer. Disney Now is known as the best free cartoon streaming site because of its high quality content. There are plenty of free cartoons to stream, sure, classic and contemporary alike, but there are also shows here for kids of every stage, from toddler to teenager. Thanks to the site's tripartite approach to content (Disney Channel, XD, and Junior all rolled into one), parents can find what they're looking for no matter what their child's age.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

It would be pretty shocking if Disney's free cartoon streaming site didn't have cross-platform compatibility, wouldn't it? Well, prepare to be not shocked. Not only is Disney Now available in app form on both Android and iOS mobile devices, but they are every bit as sleek and experientially impressive as the desktop site as well. The only bummer is the fact that quite a few users on the Apple App Store report that the app is somewhat buggy at times. You can access Disney Now via various streaming devices including Roku, select smart TVs, Apple TV, Kindle, and Amazon Fire TV.

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DisneyNOW Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022). is, according to many people, the best free cartoon streaming site of all time. I think that I am beginning to agree with this assessment. With plenty of free cartoons and live action kids? series, both classic and contemporary alike, Disney Now is perfect for kids of all ages (from ages 1 to 101). Come and read my review of Disney Now today to find out whether this is the best free cartoon streaming site for you!

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