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Showtimes Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022) offers a variety of resources for movie lovers, including information on upcoming releases and reviews on recently-released movies. If you are looking for an unbiased source of information about movie theaters, read my review of Show Times to see if it is the site for you.


Nicole Sommer
Last updated: Tuesday, 03.October 2023
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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Despite the fact that movie theaters have taken a big hit over the last few years, it is premature to declare them finished. There is something about the cinema that has been ingrained in the cultural DNA of many countries, but especially the United States. It is a beloved pastime for so many people that I do not think that going to the movie theater will ever become an altogether outdated activity.
cinema is an experience that cannot be matched by streaming services or television; it is a unique, one-time event that provides an abundance of auditory and visual stimuli. Watching a film in theaters provides an unparalleled level of audio and video quality, as well as delicious concessions and comfortable seating. For many people, going to the movies is still one of the few times they can afford to spend money on entertainment.
The streaming services have had a big impact on the movie theater industry, but it is not the end of the world. The cinema is still very popular, and there are many other places where people can watch movies. People often use the cinema as their first date location because it is a special experience. It is an important part of culture.
Be mindful of the time and space you are spending in a movie theater. You don't have to worry about coming up with interesting topics of conversation, it puts the two of you in a dark room for a few hours, and it automatically gives you something to talk about after the movie ends. It is really quite perfect.
Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, I do not believe that streaming services will ever completely demolish the cinema. Once the quarantines are lifted, I believe that movie theaters will see a major uptick in sales from everyone wanting to get out of the house.
When the day finally arrives when you need to know when movies are playing at the theater, it will be difficult to determine this information. I have often thought about how helpful it would be if there were a dependable, well-designed, and easy to use website that let me figure out where and when I can go catch a flick. Plus, if this website also offered reviews, trailers, and the occasional entertainment news article, all the better.
My gratitude was palpable when I discovered the Show Times website. Unlike the network Showtime, which is devoted to providing information on movie playing times and upcoming releases, Show Times is specifically designed to help customers keep up with all of the best movies in theaters near them. In addition to this useful data, the site also provides reviews and ratings for upcoming movies that have yet to be released on DVD or Blu-Ray. Furthermore, Show Times will keep customers updated on box office performance.
To help keep its readers up to date on the latest entertainment news and information, Show Times has trailers, credit information, and entertainment news. Founded in 2000 by avid moviegoers, Show Times is a one stop shop for all things related to movies and celebrities.


Despite its unassuming design, there is nothing bad about the way that Show Times is designed. It's accessible, easy to navigate, and fairly well organized. In addition, there is not much to criticize about the site's aesthetic direction either. It's simply bland.
Although I appreciate Show Time for its creativity, I have some criticisms about the way it is put together. I don't like the cluttered nature of the site and find it confusing. Additionally, I don't think it allows enough space to let the information breathe. This results in a feeling of chaos and an overall lack of cohesion amongst the various pieces on the site.
On the top of the page, carousels of new DVD and Blu Ray titles are displayed. The length of the page does not span the entire width of the screen and cuts off abruptly at a very awkward point. Additionally, placing DVD releases at the top of the site is not reflective of how people are actually buying DVDs these days. Finally, there is a box of new and upcoming releases situated between a few highlighted news stories and a list of trailers. There does not appear to be any pattern or order to this site's format.
That being said, it is important to note that the website for Show Times is far from being the worst-designed website I have ever seen. They could have done much better but they also could have done much, much worse.


Show Times offers information about new and upcoming movie releases, including trailers, news articles, show times for movies currently in theaters, links to reviews sites, and plenty of sweepstakes and promotions. However, each of Show Times' sections seems to suffer slightly from the site trying to do too many things. That being said, this source is a very dependable source of showtimes.
As far as the news content on the website is concerned, it seems to be the weakest component. I would really like to see more stories added and more in-depth articles. Show Times, in my opinion, only includes a couple of stories each day, making it more of an entertainment blog than a proper entertainment news section.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

Though the site's appearance is slightly better on desktop than on mobile, both versions are optimized for mobile, with the latter losing the site menu bar.
There is unfortunately no Show Times app. I think that this site could greatly benefit from one, though. Sure, any site can benefit from the streamlining an app provides, but given the nature of much of the site's content (movie showtimes and news), I think that this site could especially benefit from an app - movie times are often accessed on the go, right?

Pricing and Plans

The site is free to use and does not have paywalls or content limitations. However, there are ads that are always a little bit annoying. I would prefer Show Times to offer a premium version of the site without ads which could be ad-free. This Premium version could come with promotional discounts for certain movie theaters, funding a sleek app too. So there we go - problem solved!

Suggestions that I have for Show Times

As I have been saying throughout this discussion, I would like to see Show Times get a redesign. Additionally, I want to see them take themselves more seriously as an entertainment news source. An app could go a long way, especially given the content. And I think that a premium version of the site could grant Show Times a much broader commercial appeal.
Nicole Sommer
Nicole Sommer is a true soccer fan and loyal supporter of FC Arsenal and 1.FC Köln. She plays actively her self as central forward in the women's aquad of TuS Köln in Germany. In her spare time she spends a lot of time online including researching the soccer streaming space. Her research has been published in several online soccer magazines.
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