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SportLemon Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022) is an outdated sports content directory that offers no links to actual sporting events. The fixture list is updated regularly, but there is no information on the website. So you can't watch a match on this platform or through the link that it offers. furthermore, when you try to access the streams via the link, it just keeps redirecting you to gaming, dating, or a gambling site.


Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Thursday, 01.December 2022 — 8 minutes read
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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We are reviewing Sportlemon, a free sports streaming site. While the user interface is not up to par, the quality of links is good. However, Sportlemon does not offer anything substantive in terms of its content.

What is Sportlemon?

Sportlemon (formerly one of the most widespread sports streaming sites) used to provide comprehensive sports coverage. However, current Sportlemon does not have the same layout or features as it did in the past and redirects users to other sites instead. Thus, I do not have any reason to recommend that you use this website for streaming; but with faith in the developers' abilities, here are a few reasons why you might or might not stream Sportlemon.

Why should you stream on Sportlemon?

Due to its reputable name in the sports streaming industry, Sportlemon has a cult following that can be accredited to its legacy. You'll find dozens of threads discussing the glory days of this streaming giant, along with its legacy. Apart from providing a variety of content to its audience, Sportlemon did an excellent job of being hassle-free with regards to watching sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and American Football.

Free Streaming

At Sportlemon, we feel that it's important for our users to have access to premium streaming services and cable/satellite television, as well as the ability to watch content without having to create an account or pay for memberships. With this in mind, all of the content that can be found on our website can be streamed for free, with no requirements other than a browser.

Decent User-interface

It is interesting to note that many other free streaming sites have adopted the layout first introduced on Sportlemon. For instance, fromHOT?s uses a design and layout very similar to Sportlemon. The reason why new developers like it is that it is highly intuitive; it looks simple, and allows content to be placed in an appealing manner. After describing a few of the good qualities from the past, I would like to share some points on why you should not stream on Sportlemon anymore.

Why you shouldn?t stream on Sportlemon?

An extremely angry user on a popular forum thread posted, "What's wrong with Sportlemon? I'm constantly getting redirected to dating apps on my Play Store. There are constant pop-ups and there is little to no actual streaming content on the website. Please help before I end-up missing a big sporting event!?" Many forum users expressed similar sentiments across various forums.

No streaming content

I have had experience with Sportlemon. Once it was a popular streaming site for everyone. However, that is no longer the case. When you visit the website, you will find all of the updated fixtures, but when you click on them, you may be redirected to a dating website or in my case a betting website. You cannot watch any content as there is no inner streaming page. Thus, if you click on any option on the homepage, you will get redirected to a new third-party site.

Dangerous for new users

Some people who aren't used to free streaming might end up losing a lot of money on this website. That has everything to do with the adware, malware, and pop-ups on this website. For example, I recently received an email from a user who shared that he was lured into upgrading his Flash player for $18 because it was outdated. Now, experienced streamers might be laughing at this but imagine a new streamer, whose initial experience turned out to be spam. That newstreamer would no longer trust any free streaming site, again!

How to access Sportlemon?

I do not recommend you check this website, however, if you want to try, just make sure that your VPN and Adblocker are turned on.


Regardless of all the bashing, I must give credit where credit is due. Sportlemon in terms of designing has been a pioneer. The use of contrasting blue colors - Air Force Blue and Powder Blue that we see today was first introduced on this website. The alternate white background in fixtures along with the effective use of symbols to indicate sports were introduced 7-8 years ago.


In the main header area of Sportlemon, you will find 10 main categories - Home, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Boxing, MotoGP and Other. The header has a powder blue background with a black gradient which helps the white text to stand out.

Hero Section

I appreciate that the hero section of this website is devoid of intrusive ad banners. Upon first glance, you'll realize that this website is legitimate. The list of ongoing fixtures and upcoming ones provides confirmation that the site is being monitored. However, when you try to click on a fixture, you realize that there is no content behind it.


This website's body section is incomplete and does not make much sense.


The footer section of the website has Privacy and DMCA options which are better than what we saw on fromHOT?s. However, there are no standout navigation options which is quite a turn-off.

Inner Pages

There are no inner pages on Sportlemon. The website redirects you to a third-party website. I am not sure if this can even be considered a sports directory.


There are fixtures related to many sports, but there are no streaming links that work.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I browsed the website on my HP 15 laptop and did not even bother to check it on my mobile phone. I wanted to watch an EPL match recently and so I tuned into Spotlemon only to find that apart from redirects there is nothing much on this website. Thus, without wasting any time, I saw the Watford vs Liverpool fixture on Stream2Watch. My recent experience on this website was quite short-lived.

Suggestions I have for Sportlemon

I would love to see the website restored to its former glory. It was a great website in the past where I've watched numerous football and tennis matches. I would like the developers to turn this passive project into an active one by adding quality links that can actually allow the viewers to watch content.


Sportlemon is no longer a thriving website and I would not recommend checking it out. However, if the streaming gods are listening, they might fix all of the problems with the website.

Fastest livescore
  • ✓ Fastest goal alarm
  • ✓ Most leagues
  • ✓ Fast scorers info
  • ✓ Quota integration
Other Websites
  • — No livescore
  • — Long delay to the goal alarm
  • — No player info
  • — No odds
Best soccer videos
  • ✓ Instant goal stories
  • ✓ International transfers
  • ✓ Summary videos
  • ✓ All livestreams at a glance
Other Websites
  • — No goal videos
  • — Local TV channels only
  • — No summaries
  • — Often illegal streams
Compact stats
  • ✓ All constellations
  • ✓ Real time game statistics
  • ✓ Live tables
  • ✓ Football predictions
Other Websites
  • — No exhibitions
  • — No player infos
  • — Obsolete tables
  • — Not suitable for betting

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SportLemon Free: Everything you need to know (Updated 2022). is an outdated sports content directory that offers no links to actual sporting events. The fixture list is updated regularly, but there is no information on the website. So you can't watch a match on this platform or through the link that it offers. furthermore, when you try to access the streams via the link, it just keeps redirecting you to gaming, dating, or a gambling site.

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